Making Sure Your Plumbing Vent Is Clear Of Debris

Your home's plumbing vent in the roof plays an important role in keeping your water flowing smoothly and preventing sewer gases from building up in the water lines. A vacuum is created behind water as it flows through the drain pipes. A clog in the vent creates a situation where the water doesn't flow properly and neither does the sewer gas, so backups can happen. You'll know you have a clog when you run water and hear gurgling in other drains. [Read More]

Warming Up To Heater Maintenance: Keep Your Heater In Good Shape All Year

If you're a homeowner who's been looking forward to the return of warmer weather, you're not alone. Being able to reduce heating needs and return to more moderate energy usage is always nice, not to mention it's a lot easier on the household budget. However, that doesn't mean you can totally forget about your heater. You do need to ensure it stays in good shape, even as the need to use it diminishes. [Read More]