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Three Reasons Why Your Commercial HVAC Unit May Be Leaking Water

If you notice water leaking out of or around your commercial HVAC unit, a commercial HVAC repair is needed. If water is allowed to continue leaking, it can lead to rust or corrosion developing inside of and on the exterior of the unit. As such,  it may lead to water problems where the HVAC is located. Here are three of the most common reasons why a commercial HVAC unit may be leaking water and what kind of repair is needed to solve the problem.

The Drain Pan Is Full

One of the most common reasons why a commercial HVAC unit may be leaking water is because the drain pan is full. A drain pan helps to catch condensation that falls off of the air conditioning unit. As the pan fills, a drain line helps to carry the water away. Unfortunately, a drain pan can become filled with items such as dirt and dust, especially if your unit is not clean, and then the drain line cannot carry water away fast enough, causing water to overflow the drain pan. A commercial HVAC repair company can clean the drain pan to ensure it holds enough water for the system to function properly. 

The Drain Line Has Become Disconnected

Another common reason why your commercial HVAC unit may be leaking water is that the drain line has become disconnected. Once again, the drain line carries water out of the drain pan. The line can become disconnected due to movement. If the HVAC is in a warehouse that vibrates as machinery operates, if there is an earthquake, or if the ground beneath the HVAC unit starts to settle, the drain line can become disconnected. A commercial HVAC repair contractor can connect the line, and help to come up with a solution so that it does not become disconnected in the future. 

The Condensate Pump Is Malfunctioning

If you have a large commercial HVAC system, it may have a condensate pump. The condensate pump helps to pump water out of the drain pan and into the drain line quickly. This is common with larger units, as these larger units need more help moving water. If the pump fails, your unit may leak water. A commercial HVAC repair contract can determine why the pump is failing, and either repair or replace it, so your unit no longer leaks water. 

It is not normal for water to be dripping out of an HVAC unit, nor is a puddle of water around the HVAC unit. However, it is a problem that can develop if your commercial HVAC unit is in need of repair. This is a problem that is more likely to happen in the summer when the HVAC is cooling air, compared to in the winter when it is heating air. If you notice water coming out of or puddling under your unit, contact a commercial HVAC repair contractor right as soon as possible. A commercial HVAC repair contractor can provide further information.