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A Whole House Water Filtration System

A whole-house water filtration system will eliminate contaminants and odors from the water that is supplied to every faucet within your home. Learn how this type of system can improve your water supply. Then, hire an HVAC contractor to install the system that you decide to purchase.

Water Concerns

Water that comes from a local municipality undergoes filtration at a water treatment plant. Despite this filtration process, a public water supply may contain trace amounts of contaminants and could have an unpleasant odor.

Water that comes from a well could also be faced with contaminant issues and foul scent concerns. Well water is often more heavily laden with contaminants. A concentrated amount of contaminants could be due to the poor construction of a well and the improper maintenance of the well.

The use of a whole-house water filtration system will ensure that you are supplied with the freshest water possible. Unlike a small filtration system that typically filters the water that is released from one faucet, a whole house system treats water that will be released from each sink or tub faucet that is within a home.

The Assessment

A whole house water filtration system will contain one or two filters. A system that contains two filters will eliminate particles during the first filtration process. The second filtration process will eliminate fine contaminants. A carbon filtration device is used to clean water.

A contractor can connect a whole house filtration system to your plumbing. An HVAC contractor will need to inspect your home's interior first. They will locate the main water shutoff valve. They may recommend that the new filtration system is installed next to the valve. The system should be easily accessible. This is due to the fact that you will need to access the system when it is time for you to change filters in it.

The Installation

An HVAC technician will need to route plumbing materials from the system. These plumbing materials will be attached to the inlet plumbing that is already installed in your home. Pipe cutters, clamps, and fittings may be used during the installation of the system.

The HVAC technician may install shutoff valves. Shutoff valves can benefit you if you encounter an issue with your new filtration device. For instance, if one of the filter cartridges needs to be changed, you can use a shutoff valve to stop the flow of water. This step is necessary when performing maintenance to the filtration system.