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What Should A Homeowner Do About A Leaking Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is one of the most common types of furnace. Some gas furnaces receive fuel from a gas line connected to your home. Others use gas stored in propane tanks delivered to your home by a propane supply company. Natural gas is prevalent because it is affordable and can rapidly heat your home. However, you'll want to take action if you discover any sign of a gas leak.

How a Gas-Powered Stove Works

Gas-powered stoves are relatively simple. As natural gas passes through the appliance, a burner consumes the gas. It generates heat circulated through your home with fans through various vents.

How to Stop Gas from Leaking Into Your Home

If your gas furnace works correctly, you can use a control shutoff valve to stop leaks. If you smell any gas, which should smell like rotten eggs, leave your home immediately and contact the utility service to turn off the gas. Your family is in danger.

What to Expect from a Functional Gas-Powered Stove

For the gas furnace to be safe and effective, it needs a continuous gas supply, and the burner must constantly be running. Then, the burner will consume the natural gas and generate heat to warm your home. But if your gas burner breaks, your home might develop a dangerous gas leak, and your furnace will also not keep your home warm.

How to Find a Gas Leak

To identify a gas leak problem, mix liquid detergent and water and apply them to the gas supply line. Then, you can locate a gas leak by observing the soapy water bubbles form as it interacts with the gas. 

What to Do About the Gas Leak

Fortunately, a heating contractor can sometimes fix a gas leak quickly. The technician might only need to tighten the leaky connection with a wrench to solve the problem. 

You may need to adjust the burner. It would be best if you never altered the height of the main burner yourself, and you should contact a professional. However, you can adjust the height of the pilot flame by turning the adjustment screw found near the gas valve near the pilot assembly.

Know When to Ask for Help

If you're good at repairing appliances, you can fix some issues with your gas furnace. However, it's essential to know when to contact a heating contractor, so you don't create a dangerous and expensive situation in the future.