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Does Your AC Smell Bad When You Turn It On? Here Are Some Possible Causes

There is nothing worse than turning on your air conditioner in the hot summer heat, only for it to blow smelly air through the home. Worse, you will be forced to turn it off, leaving your home uncomfortable and with no way of beating the heat. Hence, if you are dealing with a foul AC smell, you will need intervention from a residential air conditioning repair professional. Still, you may want to understand why your unit has a stench coming out of it and how an expert will help. Here are a few reasons your air conditioner might be blowing smelly air.

When the Filters Have Accumulated Dirt

The filters are crucial components in your air conditioner's daily function. When clean and in great condition, you should have fresh air free from dust, pollen, and odors flowing inside your home. As such, you must clean or replace the filters regularly, seeing that they collect dirt, grime, and other gunk. However, if you fail to check your air filters at the recommended intervals, they will become a source of foul smells. Therefore, you should check the filters as part of your routine maintenance for improved indoor air. 

When There is a Problem Inside the Ductwork

You should also check the ductwork if you experience unusual smells when you turn on your air conditioning system. Problems in your ductwork may occur due to a leak that leads to water, bacteria, and other pathogens accessing them. Ultimately, these organisms will cause decay inside your ducts, leaving you with foul smells when you turn on your unit. In such a case, you must call a residential air conditioning repair expert to assess the ducts, clean them, and restore a fresh odor inside the home. Moreover, the expert will seal the ducts and prevent further leaks and damage. 

Problems with Dirty Water in the Drain Lines and Pan

You must note that the air-cooling process often leads to the production of water. As such, the water collects in the drain lines and gets expelled through the drain pan. If the filters and all other components are clean, the water draining from the unit should be clean. However, if your drains have debris buildup, you can expect blockages and grime in the drain pan. More so, you will have leaks in your unit that lead to mold algae and other bacteria growth. As a result, you will have stale smells when operating your AC. The good news is, cleaning these components should restore clean air inside the house.

If you are dealing with foul smells, a residential air conditioning repair technician will assess your system and determine the cause. They will clean, replace, and repair any damaged part causing AC failure and restore indoor comfort. Reach out to a local service, such as Mid Atlantic Mechanical and Repair, LLC, to learn more.