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Tips To Prepare Your Commercial HVAC For Fall

With the cool weather associated with fall, you want to ensure your commercial HVAC is ready to supply the needed heat. Many of the preparation tips won't take much of your time. Besides, the preparation processes let you identify other issues that may require professional inspection and repair by an HVAC services company. 

Here are the top ways to prepare your commercial HVAC for the fall weather.

Protect Your Compressor

Your commercial HVAC compressor becomes more prone to storm damage during fall. The ideal way to keep the compressor safe is to clear any vegetation or debris around it.

For instance, an HVAC technician clears vegetation and yard debris that prevent airflow to your commercial HVAC. They also trim dead or large limbs that may fall and damage your unit when the winds become strong.

Seal air leaks

If you have leaks in your ductwork, doors, or windows, your commercial HVAC won't work efficiently. Besides, the heat loss from the leakages wastes significant energy and increases your utility bills. Let a local HVAC services expert seal the leaks with caulk, weather-stripping, mastic, or aluminum tape.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Your commercial HVAC outdoor unit collects debris from the exterior space. HVAC services technicians check and remove debris, leaves, and other items lodged in your outdoor unit. They also deep clean the system to remove dirt on the vents and fans. Also, since the outdoor unit is subject to the elements, the experts confirm that no damage has reached the parts.

Inspect the Alarms and Detectors

An HVAC services expert tests the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before the start of the fall to ensure they are in top working condition. Then, they replace the old batteries with new ones if need be. This move prevents the failure of the HVAC system alarms, which might lead to the unregulated operation of your commercial HVAC system.

Examine Heat Specific Components

With the fall cold, you will need all heat-specific parts in your commercial HVAC to be in top-notch condition. HVAC services technicians confirm that the heat exchangers, oil connections, and gas are in order. If any components are faulty, the technicians resolve the problem to prevent HVAC fires.

Adjust the Thermostat

Since fall is colder and brisker than summer, you won't need much air conditioner inside your building to maintain your employees' and customers' comfort. So, adjust the thermostat to suit the new temperatures. Otherwise, the building will still feel cold even when your HVAC has no problems.


Comfort and an ideal workspace are priorities for your commercial space. So, keep your commercial HVAC in good shape to ensure your premises never lack comfortable heat or cool air whenever needed. Finally, reputable commercial HVAC services contractors also offer detailed, helpful services to let you focus on other aspects of your business.