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Common Causes Of AC Refrigerant Leaks And Solutions For Them

An AC refrigerant leak isn't something you can just put off because it will dramatically impact the performance of this cooling system. Here are some reasons why this substance can leak out and repair solutions that can help you address them effectively.

Excessive Corrosion

There will be some parts on your AC system that are made from metal. When these materials are able to corrode around coolant lines and fittings, that can lead to structural problems like holes. Then leaks will eventually occur and subsequently affect the performance of your AC unit.

When corroded parts cause refrigerant leaks, you might be able to fix them. You'll just have to assess the severity and the location of the corrosion. Sometimes, structural issues resulting from corrosion can be patched up, and other times, parts have to be completely replaced before more refrigerant is added back into the system.

Too Much Vibration

When an AC unit runs, there might be some vibration that takes place. If it starts getting excessive—especially around the coolant lines—then damage can happen that then results in refrigerant leaking out. After fixing the damage, you want to find out ways you can alleviate vibration.

That might involve putting your AC unit on a more stable base, securing connections and lines with durable materials, or having your entire AC system inspected by a professional. If you can keep vibration to a minimum, then parts holding refrigerant won't be as susceptible to damaging and then causing leaks.

Tube Wall Thinning

The refrigerant for your AC system will travel along tubes, which need to remain in good condition in order for leaks to not happen. Sometimes, these tubes can experience wall thinning and if this happens too much, refrigerant leaks are probably going to happen.

If your tubes' walls wear down to the point of causing leaks, you'll just need to find a replacement set. Then you'll want to find out how you can keep the same issue from happening, which often will involve buying tubes that have thicker walls and better material quality.

Refrigerant can eventually leak out of a residential AC system. If you are quick to spot this leaking, perform the right investigative measures to find out why it happened, and use quality repair solutions, this AC-related problem won't be too stressful. You can neutralize these leaks before they cost you a lot of money.

Contact an AC repair service for more information.