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Tired Of The Heat? Why You Should Install A Central AC Unit This Summer

If you've been talking to an HVAC contractor about installing a new AC, but you're still undecided, it's time to make a decision. Installing a new AC in your home could be one of the best decisions you make, especially where comfort is concerned. Here are just four great reasons to have a new air conditioner installed this summer. 

Improve Energy Efficiency

If you're trying to reduce your energy costs by using portable fans to cool your home, you might be selling yourself short. That's because running portable fans in each room of the house can actually use more energy. Not only that, but your portable fans won't be able to keep you as cool as you should be during the summer. 

That's why you need to have a central AC installed in your home. Today's air conditioners are designed to provide excellent energy efficiency. Because of that efficiency, your new AC will require less energy to produce cool air, which means you'll pay less for your monthly energy bills. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

If the pollution rate is going up in your area, it's time to have a new AC installed in your home. A new AC can dramatically improve the air quality in your home. As air conditioners wear out, they have a harder time clearing the air of harmful particulate matter such as pollution and pollen. 

That's where a new central air conditioner comes into the picture. Your new air conditioner will remove more of the particulate matter than undermines the quality of the air in your home. If you want to improve air quality even more, use a HEPA filter once you have your new AC installed. 

Improve Moisture Control

If you live in a humid region of the United States, and you use an evaporative cooler for your home, you're probably bothered by high moisture levels inside your home. That's because an evaporative cooler will add moisture to an already moist environment. That's why you should have a new central AC installed in your home. Your central AC unit will cool your home without adding moisture to the air. 

Upgrade to a Smaller Unit

If you're tired of your old AC unit taking up space, and it looks more like an eyesore, it's time for an upgrade. Today's new air conditioner units are designed to provide plenty of cool air, without the bulkiness. To learn more, contact an AC installation company.