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Furnace Installation Projects To Start Planning For Your Home Before Summer Starts

Now that the winter weather has ended, it is a good time to consider updating your heating system. The furnace you have installed can have various design features to improve your heating. You may want to make other improvements to your HVAC when installing a new furnace. The following furnace installation projects are some of the HVAC improvements you should plan before summer:

Furnace Upgrades

The furnace is the first area where you will want to plan upgrades before the season changes. Your home's current furnace can be a more efficient gas multistage system or a high-efficiency electric model. You also have alternatives available if you want something other than a conventional furnace. One example of this is a hydro-air heating system, which uses a boiler instead of a furnace. There are also heating oil furnaces, which burn efficiently and can use environmentally friendly biofuels to heat your home.

Air Handlers and Blowers

The air handlers of your furnace are another area where you may want to invest in upgrades. There are also a lot of options for upgrading blowers with more efficient equipment like variable speed motors. These upgrades will improve the efficiency and performance of your HVAC ductwork. The air handlers can also be upgraded with better filtration or air purification systems to improve the air quality in your home.

Ductwork Upgrades

Ductwork upgrades can also be done with your HVAC improvements. Reducing lengths of duct runs and updating the insulation is great for furnace installation. These improvements to the ductwork will reduce energy loss during the winter months when you use your heating. However, while installing new ducts is a great way to improve your heating, you may want to have these changes made before you turn on the AC.

Thermostats and HVAC Controls

Thermostats are other upgrade options that you choose to do when installing a new furnace. Modern HVAC designs generally have more controls and design features, like zoned heating and air conditioning. A zoned system provides climate control to individual areas. This allows you to adjust settings in different rooms or spaces according to your needs. It also reduces energy loss by providing climate control where it is needed, instead of to your entire home when the HVAC system turns on.

The right improvements for your furnace installation project will make your HVAC system more efficient and reliable next winter. Contact a furnace installation service to start planning these solutions for your system.