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Commercial Kitchen Range Repairs

For a restaurant, a commercial range can be a critical piece of equipment that may be necessary for the vast majority of the dishes that the establishment will prepare. Problems with the range can have a dire consequence on the restaurant as it could severely impair the ability of the kitchen staff to cook food according to the specifications that your customers will have come to expect. Read on to learn more about commercial range parts and repairs. 

Inconsistent Pilot Light

Many restaurants will utilize gas ranges in their kitchens. These ranges can offer the advantage of being able to rapidly reach the desired temperature while electric systems may take several minutes before they are at the desired temperature. Problems with the pilot light can impair the ability of the burner to provide a consistent output of heat. Often, restaurant management may find that simply cleaning the pilot light for the range will be enough to restore its functionality. However, if you find that the unit is still experiencing pilot light disruptions, this could indicate that the unit has a more serious problem deep in the burner. As a result, you may have to consider replacing this component to effectively eliminate this problem.

Damaged Range Controls

Your staff members will need to adjust the controls for the range throughout the course of their shift. This can lead to these controls starting to develop a substantial amount of wear. Eventually, this will be able to cause the controls for the range to malfunction or to provide inadequate precision. Luckily, the module that houses these controls is relatively easy to replace as it can be detached from the rest of the range so that a new one can be installed in its place.

Faulty Ventilation Units

Commercial kitchen range systems will often have elaborate ventilation systems installed above them. These systems will capture the smoke and smells that the range is producing so that they can be vented into the air outside. If there are problems with this system, it could pose significant problems for the restaurant as these smells and smoke will start to rapidly accumulate. Often, grease and other debris that has collected on the blower for the ventilation system can be responsible for causing the system to burn itself out. While replacing the blower for the ventilation unit can be somewhat complicated, it can still be a relatively affordable repair for your restaurant to have to make. However, you will have to verify that the blower motor that you are installing is fully compatible with the ventilation system you have installed.