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Do You Need To Schedule A Hydro-Jetting Service?

No matter how long you've owned your home, you've most likely experienced the frustration of turning on a faucet, only to find that the water isn't draining properly through the pipes. When that happens, you'll most likely reach for one of a number of DIY drain cleaning solutions, but if those don't work, you should contact a plumber for assistance. One of the many plumbing services that they'll most likely recommend is hydro-jetting, which uses a long scope and pressurized water to clean the insides of your pipes.

Below are a few occasions when scheduling a hydro-jetting service is absolutely necessary. If you have any questions, contact a professional for more information.

If Your House is Old

Even if the house is relatively new to you, you should still schedule an inspection on your home's plumbing system to check the status of all your different pipes and have them perform any necessary plumbing services to get them in proper working order. If your pipes are old, then there's a good chance that they've accumulated quite a bit of debris and gunk on the inside of the walls over the years, which need to be scraped clean. Hydro-jetting service may be perfect for this, but be careful if your home uses antiquated plumbing systems like copper or has been retrofitted with PVC since both of those can crack if too much water pressure is applied.

If the Clog is Deep

While a plunger and possibly a wire hanger are enough to dislodge most clogs, there are a few occasions when those simply won't reach where the clog is. A clog that is stuck beyond your p-trap, for instance or one that has gone even farther and has reached your main sewer line will require professional plumbing services to dislodge. Hydro-jetting can reach deep down inside your pipes, dislodging even the most stubborn clogs and having them fully operational again.

If Your Clog Keeps Reforming

Whereas most DIY remedies will punch a hole through your clog and allow water to pass through, if you truly want your pipes cleaned, then you need to hire a hydro-jetting service. Simply clearing your drain will usually allow those clogs to reform rather quickly, whereas a hydro-jetting service will scrub the gunk and debris off the sides that tend to trap and collect the debris as it passes by. If you find yourself scheduling plumbing services frequently, then having a hydro-jetting service performed may be just what you need to keep those annoying clogs at bay.

If you have additional questions, reach out to a plumbing service in your area.