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The Top Benefits Of Electric Furnace Installation In Homes

When it comes to home heating, there are many different types of furnaces available for homeowners to choose from.

All furnaces can be classified according to the fuel type they burn to generate heat. The main types of furnaces for homes include wood-burning, gas-fired (natural gas or propane), oil-fired, and electric models. While all of these furnaces can deliver warmth to a home, each type has specific pros and cons that should be carefully reviewed before deciding on which one to install.

Despite having higher operating costs compared to options like traditional wood-burning and natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces remain a popular choice for homes. The following points will help explain why.

They can be used throughout the U.S.

One of the main things homeowners consider when choosing a furnace for their home heating needs is the availability of fuel sources. Some fuel types such as oil and natural gas are scarce in certain areas and can be expensive to arrange for their delivery.

Electricity is generated on a mass-production scale and is generally available all over the U.S. Almost every home has electricity and this makes an electric furnace a clear choice for most homes.

They can lead to savings on energy expenses.

Many people often cite the higher running costs of electric furnaces are the primary reason they don't warm their homes with electricity. While grid-supplied electricity is the main source of electricity throughout the U.S., homeowners can also use electricity by going solar.

With a solar panel installation, it is possible to eliminate or significantly reduce the cost of running an electric furnace. 

They are a safer choice for homes and the environment.

Homes produce greenhouse gas emissions from burning wood, oil, or gas for home heating.

Unlike wood-burning, oil-fired, and gas-fired furnaces, electric furnaces don't produce these emissions when they burn. The only greenhouse gas emissions produced from using electricity result from the burning of fossil fuels used to generate grid electricity. Electric models keep the air circulating inside the home clean and safe for everyone to breathe.

It also helps tackle the global environmental issue of climate change by keeping the greenhouse gas emissions from your home heating at a minimum. 

The above-highlighted points indicate why electric furnaces are a popular choice for homeowners throughout the country. For more information about your furnace installation options, get in touch with a home heating service near you.