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How You Can Save Money On Yearly Air Conditioning Servicing

Annual servicing is a great way to keep your air conditioner in good shape, and there are several ways you can save money. Getting work done at the right times of the year, examining service contracts, and keeping spare parts on hand can make servicing quicker and easier and help you spend less at the same time.

Keep Spare Parts Handy

Inevitably, some parts of your air conditioning system will need to be replaced, whether as part of regular maintenance or because a part has failed. Either way, you can make maintenance and repairs quicker and save some money by keeping some commonly replaced parts on hand.

For example, air filters should be replaced regularly, and buying filters in advance can save you from higher prices during summer months. Thermostat batteries also need to be replaced regularly. Fuses are another good option; while they don't need to be replaced very often, a blown or bad fuse is the source of many air conditioner problems, and fuses are inexpensive as well.

Buying parts in advance lets you buy when parts are in stock and priced low and can also help you avoid having to wait for out-of-stock parts during the hottest months of the year.

Buy a Service Contract

Many technicians offer what's called a service contract, which includes a variety of services for a flat annual fee as opposed to paying varying amounts depending on what services you need each year. Newer air conditioners don't often need enough maintenance to warrant such a contract, but if your air conditioner is at least a few years old, you could end up saving money by signing up for one.

Contracts and what they include will vary depending on the company offering them, so it helps to do some research. You can also look at the work that has been necessary in past years and see how what you paid compares to how much a contract costs. Keep in mind what work might need to be done in the future, how much that might cost, and if any contracts you're looking at include those services.

Have Work Done Before Summer

The best time to have servicing done is during spring. Summertime is when technicians are at their busiest making repairs and taking service calls, and this can reflect in the availability of their parts, the time they have available to address your problem, and the price they charge for service.

Spring is best because servicing can include cleaning off your outdoor unit of debris and making sure it's in order right before you start using it. However, you can still save money by requesting air conditioning services during other off-peak times like fall, when neither heating nor cooling services are in exceptionally high demand.