HVAC Hacks: Tips for Novices and New Homeowners

Considering HVAC Options For A Home Rebuild

While no one likes to see their house torn down, accidents happen all the time. Whether the loss of your home was due to a fire, flood, or some other catastrophe, rebuilding is never easy. There is a particular joy to starting fresh and doing things correctly, but the number of decisions can sometimes be overwhelming. You may be preoccupied with big-picture choices, but smaller decisions such as your HVAC system will impact your enjoyment of your home just as much as larger ones. Before you speak with an HVAC contractor, keep these three essential questions in mind.

What Previous HVAC System Did Your Home Have?

If your home was a relatively recent construction with a modern central air conditioning and forced-air heating system, then it is likely that you will want to install a similar system during your rebuild. On the other hand, rebuilding an older home can present some new options. If much of your home's previous structure remains, then you may be constrained by existing limitations. For older homes, this can sometimes mean that little room is available for ductwork or that extra care (and labor) must be taken for ducting installation.

Where Will You Install Your HVAC Appliances?

Most homes have a dedicated utility room or a place for furnaces in the basement or another centrally located position. If you will be reusing previous appliances, then moving them from their current location may difficult. Likewise, existing plumbing or ductwork may be expensive to move to accommodate a new boiler or furnace position. If your old heating or cooling equipment was damaged, however, then you may have more freedom to place these items in a more convenient location. Many homeowners prefer to place their HVAC equipment in its original position during rebuilds, but if you have the freedom to alter the placement of this equipment, then it is worth considering more convenient locations.

Do You Want to Upgrade?

A rebuild is a perfect time to upgrade your HVAC system, even if some of your previous HVAC system is still intact. If workers will be repairing (or replacing) sections of your plumbing or ductwork, then the cost to add new zones, plumbing, or even entirely new systems (such as radiant heating) is likely to be much lower. Even if these additions cannot be made with your insurance settlement, the cost savings of performing this work alongside your rebuild may be worth the added expense.

It can be tempting to quickly make decisions to get back into your home as soon as possible, but remember to look at a full or partial rebuild of your home not just as a loss but also as an opportunity. Carefully consider your HVAC options so that you can potentially save a significant amount of money on improvements.

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