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4 AC Replacement Projects That Will Keep Your Home Cool And Your Energy Bills Low

When your old air conditioner is costing you a fortune to run and constantly needs costly repairs, it is time to call for a replacement. There are many new technologies available that will help keep your home cool, energy bills low and calls for repairs few. The options that you may want to consider include ductless AC, radiant cooling, compact AC, heat pumps, and geothermal solutions. The following are some of the options that you may want to consider for your AC replacement project to lower your energy bills and keep your home cool all summer:

1. Reduce AC Wear and Tear with Geothermal HVAC To Keep Your Home Cool During Hot Weather

Conventional HVAC can use a lot of energy to heat and cool your home, which also means that the parts wear out and need repairs. To reduce the wear and tear of conventional HVAC and improve energy efficiency, geothermal systems provide thermal energy from the Earth to provide your home with efficient cooling during the summer and heating during the cold winters. These are heat exchangers that use buried pipes to provide furnaces with thermal energy and absorb heat to reduce the energy needed to cool your home.

2. Save On Installation Costs and Forget About AC Ducts with A New Mini-Split Ductless AC

The cost of installing a new air conditioner can be expensive if you have to update or install ductwork in your home. Therefore, you may want to consider an energy-efficient ductless AC, which can cost less to install than a traditional air conditioner. Mini-split systems allow you to add cooling to the areas of your home where it is needed using one unit and indoor air handlers. In addition, heat pump designs are also available to provide efficient heating during cold weather.

3. Heat Pump Technology to Replace Outdated ACs with Modern, Energy-Efficient Technology

If you are considering options to replace existing air conditioning with modern, energy-efficient technology but want to use existing installations, heat pumps are an ideal option. These systems are high-efficiency heat pumps that work by removing the heat from your home and work in reverse to heat your home during mild winter weather by taking heat from the environment to use for heating when you need it.

4. High-Velocity Ducts for Renovations and Improve Homes with The Addition of Energy-Efficient Cooling

Maybe you are expanding your home and need to add AC to areas that have not had AC because they were unfinished or adding air conditioning for the first time to your home. If this is the case, high-velocity air conditioning offers many benefits, such as easy installation, fewer changes, and energy efficiency. These systems use pipes that are about the size of drain lines, which makes them ideal for remodeling and adding air conditioning to existing homes that have never had cooling.

These are some of the AC replacement options that you will want to consider if you want more efficient cooling, fewer repairs, and lower utility bills. If you are ready to replace your outdated air conditioner, contact an AC replacement service and talk to them about some of these options to update the cooling in your home. For more informtation, contact a company like Go West A/C & Heating.