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Air Conditioning Not Working This Spring? It Could Be One Of These Problems

Has the weather started getting warm in the spring and you're ready to start using your air conditioner again? If so, there will be no greater disappointment than turning on the air conditioner to discover that it doesn't work. Here are some reasons why it could be happening to you.

Power Problem

It's been a while since your air conditioning was last used, and there could be a simple problem with the power that needs to be corrected. Start by looking at the fuse box, since you may have a tripped breaker that needs to be switched on. There could also be a breaker outside your home near the compressor itself that somehow got turned off. Start with these two things, since they are easy to check on your own without getting a professional involved.

Wiring Problem

If the breakers are all good, then it may be a problem related to the wiring. This can happen from animals getting into places that they shouldn't have over the winter or a cable that got damaged due to exposure to very cold winter weather. Bring in a professional if there's no sign of life and you suspect it may be wiring related.

Thermostat Problem

You should not rule out your thermostat either since there was likely some time between when you last used your thermostat for heat and when you decided to turn it on for air conditioning. It could be a problem as simple as weak batteries or a defective thermostat. You can always try swapping out the thermostat for a cheap replacement model and see if that does the trick. If so, you know you have a damaged thermostat and shell out the cash for a nice, smart thermostat.

Refrigerant Problem

Did you get the unit running, but it feels as if the heat is still on? This could be due to a refrigerant problem. It's possible that the extremely cold winter weather caused problems with the refrigerant lines, and now you have a leak. There is simply not enough refrigerant in the air conditioner's system to remove the heat from the air and cool down your home. You'll first need to have the leak identified and repaired, and then refill the HVAC system with more refrigerant. It's a simple task which can be done by an HVAC technician to ensure it is done properly. While they're fixing your refrigerant issues, they can also check for other potential problems with the air conditioner if it doesn't do the trick.

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