HVAC Hacks: Tips for Novices and New Homeowners

Two Jobs To Prep Your AC For Summer

Even though summer hasn't hit yet, now is a great time to get your air conditioning working as efficiently as possible. That is, you don't want to wait until the middle of summer, when you are relying on your air conditioner on a daily basis to make repairs. If you have to go even just a couple of days without an air conditioner, you might have to find a different place to live for a during that time if you live somewhere especially hot. Spring is truly the best time to have HVAC work done because homeowners usually aren't relying on it to keep their home comfortable and livable. This article focuses on two easy jobs you should do before summer begins.

Check the Air Return Filters

First thing you want to do is make sure that your air return filters are clean. Most people don't realize that not all of the registers mounted on the walls blow air out. That is, some registers are actually where air is sucked into the duct system. These are called air returns. Most air return will have an air filter. This is an important filtering point because you don't want too much dirty air to be sucked into the furnace blower. The furnace is responsible for circulating air, so it is a vital part of the air conditioning process.

The trick is to turn on your heat or air conditioner and feel all the registers. Any registers they don't have air blowing out are probably air returns. Traditionally, air returns are also much larger registers, and they are often located near the ground. You can easily remove these registers from the wall with a screwdriver.

If you take the register off, and there is no filter, this just means that your filter is located closer to the furnace. It is also common for a return filter to be located between the duct and the furnace. So, regardless of where your filter is, you should change it before the summer begins.

Readjust Your Registers

The next thing you should do to make sure your air conditioner is going to be as efficient as possible is to open the registers to the rooms that are going to need the most cool air, and close registers in the rooms that don't need as much. For instance, rooms in the basement usually don't need as much cold air during the summer because they are naturally cooler. Obviously, the registers might be adjusted opposite during the winter, because these rooms are the ones that need the most hot air from the furnace. So, adjust your registers accordingly so you don't end up wasting a bunch of money.

These two easy jobs can ensure that your system is going to be efficient and effective this summer. For a more professional tune-up, contact a company such as Polar Aire Heating & Cooling Inc.