HVAC Hacks: Tips for Novices and New Homeowners

Why And How To Clean The Furnace Filter Compartment And Registers

HVAC maintenance can be intimidating if you have never personally worked on your system. Homeowners are understandably cautious when it comes to working with gas and electrical appliances. Indeed, most serious furnace, condenser, and evaporator repair should be left to licensed HVAC technicians. This article will look at two of the easiest but most essential jobs that homeowners can do on their own if they want to increase the efficiency of their HVAC. These are simple, entry-level jobs that can be handled with basic tools you probably already own:

Cleaning the Furnace Filter Compartment

One of the cornerstones of good HVAC maintenance is regularly replacing your filter. Filter replacement is simple and something that should be done within the recommended time-period. However, most people don't realize that it is also a good idea to clean out the filter compartment whenever you are changing the filter. If you pull out a dirty filter, there is a good chance that some of the dust and debris that weren't fully absorbed by the filter will have fallen and stayed inside the compartment. So, as soon as you put the new filter in place and run your system, this loose dirt and dust will probably get immediately absorbed by the new filter. This ultimately means that your filters aren't going to work or do their job as long as they are intended to. This could become a cycle where your filters lifespan becomes shorter and shorter.

So, even if you are replacing your filter on a regular basis, there is a good chance that it isn't working as effectively as it should be. Cleaning out the furnace compact filter compartment is very simple, but you do need a narrow attachment for your hose vacuum. You will probably also need a flashlight so you can see what is going on inside of your compartment.

Cleaning the Air Registers

Another important piece of HVAC maintenance is a regular cleaning and adjusting of your air registers. The problem is that when most people clean their air registers from the outside, this can push dust and dirt in between the blades. Worst of all, it can get inside the hinges, making it so the blades are difficult to operate, and don't fully close. To actually clean your registers adequately, you should remove them from the wall. Most registers can be easily removed by just taking out a couple of screws. Once you do this, pull off the register and inspect the backside. Clean the backside by wiping it down or vacuuming it.

These two simple jobs are important if you are trying to maintain an efficient system. Contact a company like Seliga Heating and Cooling for more information and assistance.