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How To Best Clean Air Ducts And Registers

Some people only think of duct and register clean as part of their own filtering system. Of course, if you have dirty air ducts, the air coming into your house will carry allergens, dust, and possibly more. However, dirty air ducts and registers can also reduce your airflow, making your system last efficient. DIY duct and register cleaning are actually easier than you might think.

What Do You Need for the Project?

The only special tool you need for the job is a telescoping pole. If you have a painter's pole, this will work just fine. The universal screw attachment at the end of the painter's pole will fit into most duct cleaning handles. You can find duct cleaning brushes at most home improvement or HVAC stores.

How to Clean Your Ducts and Registers

The actual cleaning process is quite simple, but it can be a little bit awkward. Working on the ducts mounted high on your wall is always going to be more difficult. Your goal is to guide the brush as far back into the dark as possible without rubbing the sidewalls. You don't want to knock any dust loose or sweep it further into the duct. Then, you press down on one side wall as you pull it out. If you have especially dirty ducts, there might be a lot of dust that is going to spill out. If you have a vacuum on hand, you can suck most of this dust before it spills onto your floor. Repeat this process until you have swept out every side wall of the duct.

Cleaning the Registers

Before you put your air registers back on, you should clean them well. Simply wiping them down might do the job, but if there is dust build up deep within the blades and hinges, you want to get rid of this too. There is going to more dust and dirt on the backside of your registers. Also, if you notice rust, it might be a good idea to just replace the registers completely. New registers on your wall will freshen them up and make them look a little cleaner. Registers are a major factor when it comes to your walls styles.

In the end, this is a very simple job, that won't cost much time or money. As long as you have a pole and a duct cleaning brush, you will probably already have everything else you need for the job. Contact a local air conditioners service for more information and assistance.