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How To Clean Your Filter And Compartment

As winter approaches, you want to make sure that your furnace is blowing as efficiently as possible. While you need to have your furnace regularly examined by an HVAC technician, there might be a few simple ways that you can increase the efficiency of your heating system. This article explains how important it is to change your furnace air filter on a regular basis. It also explains the best technique for a comprehensive filter cleaning job.

The Importance of a Clean Filter

The furnace filter does a few important things. First of all, it blocks dust and dirt from getting sucked into your furnace pump. If the filter is not regularly changed, your furnace pump will probably become dirty and less efficient. The filter is also important to comes to the cleanliness of the air in your home. When working properly, a filter will absorb allergens and dust that would otherwise get pumped into your air ducts and blown into your rooms. Basically, if you want clean air and good airflow, you need to make sure your filter is regularly replaced.

How to Replace Your Filter

Replacing the filter is simple, but you need to do a little more than just pulling the old filter out and putting the new one in place. Usually, when you pull the filter out, you can immediately see how dirty it is. If your filter was particularly dirty, you will need to check the empty compartment while it is empty. Using a flashlight, you can look inside the compartment to see if there is dust buildup within the compartment.

Often, when the filter is too dirty, extra dust falls into the compartment because it isn't absorbed. This dust can be problematic when it comes to replacing your filter. If it does get stuck within the tracks that the filter is supposed to slide into, it might be hard to make the new filter fit perfectly. If there any gaps in between the filter and the track, the dirty air can blow right past it. This means that your furnace pump will be sucking in a dirty air.

It is important that you check your empty filter compartment whenever you replace your air filter. You probably won't need to actually clean the tracks every single time that you change the filter. This is the best way to ensure that your filter and furnace pump are working efficiently. For more information, contact companies like Sunbelt Service Pros.