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2 Causes Of Short Cycling In Your AC Unit

Your AC unit can make even the hottest summer tolerable, so having it malfunction during this time of year could spell disaster. One of the more common issues with ducted air conditioning is an occurrence known as 'short cycling' that indicates an underlying problem with your unit.

What is short cycling?

This refers to a situation where your AC turns off its cooling cycle abruptly, only to turn it back on a few minutes later. On and off cycles on an AC unit are normal and help regulate indoor temperatures. However, cycles that happen too frequently undermine the ability of coolant in the AC to circulate effectively and absorb heat.

Short cycling also puts enormous pressure on certain components in the unit, such as the compressor and blower motor, causing premature wear and tear. You may also experience a rise in utility bills, as short cycling places enormous drains on your electricity. Here is a look at 2 common causes of short cycling.

Frozen evaporator coil

The most common cause is an iced evaporator coil, which causes the unit to shut down sooner than it should. If air registers and filters in your AC are blocked, they restrict air flow into the unit, which in turn reduces the amount of heat available for your evaporator coil to absorb. This then causes condensation on the coil to freeze and form ice, which results in frequent AC breakdowns.

The simple solution to this problem is to have an AC contractor clean your air registers and replace clogged up air filters so as to increase the inflow of air into the evaporator coil. New air filters would also improve the quality of air in your home, and prevent the blower motor from overheating. You should also have the evaporator coil cleaned to remove dust and debris that affect heat absorption.

Low refrigerant / coolant

Leaks caused by punctured or worn outdoor refrigerant lines can cause the coolant level in your AC to drop, affecting the ability of the unit to transfer heat from your home to the condenser. This puts pressure on the condenser, which causes it to shut down more frequently.

If your AC is low on coolant, you will usually notice warm air coming out of the air registers. Calling in a professional to repair damaged refrigerant lines and add more refrigerant to the AC unit should help prevent short cycling, save you on energy bills and ensure that your home cools properly. Contact a company like JPS Home Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd Heating repair service for more information.