HVAC Hacks: Tips for Novices and New Homeowners

Tips For Improving Your Air Conditioning System's Efficiency

Your air conditioning unit may be the best way to keep your home comfortable on a blistery summer's afternoon, but these systems have high energy demands. As a result, providing power to your air conditioning system can be an extremely expensive affair, but you may not realize that there are a couple of simple tips that you can follow to help improve the performance of your unit. 

Use Shade To Reduce Your Air Conditioner's Workload

Over the course of a day, your exterior air conditioning unit may be exposed to a barrage of energy from the sun's rays, and this will lead to it becoming extremely hot. There are many people that fail to realize the effect that this heat gain can have on their energy bills. When the air conditioner's casing is extremely hot, the unit will have to work harder to keep the house cool. This occurs because the unit will have to compensate for the heat coming from the casing, which can be a significant burden for the unit. 

To minimize the effects of this problem, you should always strive to keep your exterior air conditioning unit in the shade. For those without a large tree to shade the unit, it is possible to build an awning or erect a small roof over the unit to protect it from this powerful source of heat. 

Inspect Common Problem Areas During The Spring And Fall

Your home's weatherproofing can suffer extensive wear and tear during the course of a season. This is particularly true during harsh winter months when the exterior caulking and stripping are prone to cracking due to the prolonged exposure to extremely low temperatures. When summer comes back around, these cracks can allow the conditioned air from inside your home to escape, which can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your system. 

By inspecting the areas of your home most prone to heat gain or loss, you can help correct these issues before they are able to cost you in higher bills. In addition to examining your windows, you will also need to determine the condition of the doors. Your doors use weatherstripping to keep moisture and drafts out of your home, but this can fail due to wear and tear. If you notice that the weatherstripping is easily removed from the door, you will likely need to replace it. 

Keeping your home comfortable can be an expensive endeavor if your air conditioning system is inefficient. By understanding the benefits of following these two tips, you can help your air conditioning system overcome a couple of common sources of energy deficiency. 

Talk to an HVAC professional, like those at Climec Residential Inc., for more information on how to improve the energy efficiency of your unit.