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Boiler Repair: 4 Things That May Causing Inadequate Heating

When your home's boiler is in pristine condition, it can be one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home-- as opposed to a boiler that has not been maintained properly since its installation. Boilers are quiet and require very little maintenance. All of these are reasons why a homeowner may choose to heat their home with the use of a boiler. However, it is important to note, like other things, boilers can malfunction. If your home is not being heated properly, there are typically four reasons why:

1. Loss of Pressure

When the boiler begins to lose water pressure inside the pipes or the tank, it can have difficulty providing your home with adequate heat. This is often due to leaks (visible or not visible) or an issue with the pressure relief valve.

2. Issue with the Thermostat

When the thermostat decides to wear out and malfunction on you, it could turn the boiler on at the wrong times. This could cause poor heating. Therefore, your thermostat should be one of the first things that you check when your home is receiving inadequate heating. In some cases, you can simply replace the thermostat yourself without even having to phone a professional HVAC technician.

3. Blocked and Corroded Pipework

If you've given the boiler a look and it appears to be in proper working order, but there are certain areas in the home that simply aren't getting as warm as they should, then you may be dealing with a pipe blockage. This can often be caused by corrosion inside the pipes, as this corrosion can possibly result in sludge and debris building up. This keeps the heat from being dispersed where needed.

4. Boiler of Incorrect Size

In some cases, the problem of uneven or inadequate heating could be due to the boiler itself. When it was installed, it may have been the right size for your home. However, now that you've remodeled and added an addition or two, it is too small and cannot heat the entire home properly. In other instances, the boiler was simply installed by an amateur who didn't know wrong from right when it came to selecting the proper size of boiler for your square footage. An expert will have to determine if this is an issue. If it is, then a new boiler installation will be necessary.

Regardless of what troubles you are having with your boiler, you should never let the issue sit untreated. Otherwise, it will become worse and possibly cause damage, particularly leaks. After all, the above issues cannot fix themselves (but wouldn't it be nice?). If you're suffering from inadequate heating or any other boiler-related issue, contact a trained and skilled HVAC professional, like those at Ice Age Mechanical, who can come out quickly and perform an inspection and repair effectively.