HVAC Hacks: Tips for Novices and New Homeowners

Summer's Coming: Will You Get The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioner?

With the scorching hot months of summer quickly approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about your home's central air conditioning system. If you want to keep your energy bills in check this summer, you'll want to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can follow to keep your central AC in the best possible working order this summer.

Switch to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

First, consider your current thermostat setup. If your home is outfitted with an old, mercury dial thermostat, it's time for an upgrade. Not only are those old thermostats less accurate,  but they also waste money because they don't allow you to program different heating and cooling systems. By spending a couple hundred dollars to upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat, you'll be able to turn your AC up and down from the convenience of your smartphone or other enabled device. Furthermore, you can set schedules for different days of the week that will reduce your AC usage and save you money without sacrificing your comfort in the process.

Have the AC Coil Professionally Cleaned

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of AC maintenance is that of keeping the system's coil cleaned. Over time, dirt and debris can build up on the coil, which ultimately results in the AC unit having to work harder and run longer to reach the temperature on your thermostat. The end result is poor efficiency and higher monthly energy costs for you. By contacting an air conditioner contractor, you can have your AC coil professionally cleaned (or replaced, if needed), and prolong the life of your AC unit in no time.

Keep the AC Motor Well Lubricated

Just as you need to keep your car's motor well lubricated with regular oil changes, your air conditioner's motor also has numerous moving parts that need lubrication to run smoothly and efficiently. If you have annual AC inspections done, this is something your air conditioning contractor is likely already doing. However, you can also lubricate your AC's system's motor as needed; just be sure to use electric motor oil and consult with the owner's manual to ensure that you know where the oil should be added. From there, you can keep your AC in more efficient working order and reduce your energy bills in the process.

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