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Three Things You May Not Know About Cooling Your Home With Radiant Systems

You may have radiant heating in your home for the cold months. Radiant heating can be an efficient way to heat your home, but cooling can also require an additional system.  Many people do not realize that they can also have cooling with radiant systems. This is an efficient way to cool your home and use the same system for heating and cooling your home.

Here are three things that you may have not known about radiant cooling systems:

1. Radiant Cooling Can Be Combined With Floor Heating

One of the biggest benefits of radiant cooling is that it can easily be combined with in floor heating systems. When you use your heating, hot water is pumped through the tubing in the floors and when you use cooling, cold water will be pumped through the tubing. This can reduce installation costs and make it practical to add cooling to your radiant heating system with little investment.

This is the most effective way of installing radiant cooling, and an ideal system for new homes that are having radiant floor heating systems installed.

2. Geothermal Systems Can Have Heat Exchangers For Cooling

Geothermal technology is commonly used for heating and cooling systems. It has many benefits to using geothermal technology for radiant cooling. The ground loop acts as a heat exchanger and removes heat from your home. The natural median temperature of the ground also helps to increase the energy efficiency of these systems to make your heating and cooling system have very low operational costs.

3. Panels Can Be Used Where Floor Systems Are Not Possible

You may not have an in floor heating system in your home, but there are still solutions to allow you to have radiant cooling. Another option for radiant cooling is to use wall and ceiling panels, which can be installed to provide your home with cooling and give you more flexibility.

The cooling panels will provide your home with the cooling you need without needing to have any floor systems installed in your home, and these panels can even be hidden behind wall finishes so that they are out of sight.

These are some of the things that you may have not known about radiant systems for cooling your home. If you need to have your air conditioner repaired and are consider one of these systems, contact an air conditioner repair service and ask them how they can help you. To learn more, contact a company for additional reading.